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Transformer Services
Transformer Services Provider Company in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We are exceptionally cheerful to offering the most thorough and finish scope of administrations for transformers.We trust that having a decent and educated prescience helps over the long haul. To legitimize our conviction, we illuminate our customers about the issues that will hoard the spotlight sooner rather than later. In spite of the fact that, we are prepared with the answers for the same. Filtration of Transformer Oil : We channel the transformer s with Medium and Ultra High Vacuum Filter Machines, till we accomplish the BDV of 60 KV/80 KV with 2.5 mm hole contingent upon the evaluations of the transformers. The same can be seen by your specialists at site.We additionally attempt drying out by filtration for transformers and furthermore do filtration for the change of water substance and gases in the oil. We can accomplish water level to under 10PPM and Dissolved Gasses to underneath 2%. Transformer and Substation Testing : We are prepared to complete Insulation Resistance Testing, Earth Resistance Testing, Acidity Testing of Transformer Oil, BDV Testers of 60KV and 100KV for the tests to be led, Tan Delta Testing, Relay Testing and Calibration. These tests are required by the Electrical Inspectors.We are Government Licensed Contractors and approved to confirm these tests On location Maintenance of Transformers : We attempt nearby upkeep of transformers like, going to spillages, substitution of bushings, gaskets, H.V. /L.V. metal parts, substitution of radiators, Painting of transformers, and so forth. We additionally convey and stock Breathers and Silica Gel. On location support of Switchgear and OLTC : We likewise attempt support and adjusting of OLTC, switch gears, breakers, and so forth. Major OLTC saves are additionally accessible with us. Maintenance of Sub-Stations : We attempt finish upkeep of substations like, overhauling of the GOD/DO, substitution of helping arrestors, stick separators, substitution of conductors, jumpers and so forth. Painting of Structures. Definite Testing of Transformer Oil : We have tied up with an ERDA affirmed l aboratory for nitty gritty testing of transformer oil to empower us to vouch for any deformities/blame happening in the transformers. We can mastermind to get the oi l tried in crises too. We give extraordinary stainless steel jugs to the gathering of tests. Rundown Of Equipment might be organized on prerequisite : 1. 2 Nos. 1200LPH and 1 No. 2400LPH Centrifuge Type of Filter Machines with thermostatically controlled warmers in vacuum game plans completely mounted on LCV for full versatility. 2. 5 Nos. 2400LPH Streamline compose medium high vacuum oil channel machines with 1 Micron cartridge Filters mounted on LCV for full versatility. 3. 2 No. 6000LPH Ultra High Vacuum Filter Machine with Roots and Rotary blend of vacuum Pumps for Power Transformers mounted on LCV for full portability. 4. Save Vacuum Pump for the departure employments to be done on transformers. 5. Electric Breakdown test set with engine drive 0-60 KV 0-100 KV. 6. Earth Testers alongside every unit. 7. Protection analyzers of 1KV to 5KV turning and mechanized composes alongside every one of the machines 8. Breathers of different limit alongside free Silica Gel. 9. Gaskets and washers of different kinds and sizes for going to spillages. Transformer Services Provider Company in Vadodara, Gujarat, India Transformer Services Provider Company in Surat, Gujarat, India Transformer Services Provider Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Transformer Services Provider Company in all over in Gujarat.
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